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心情溶剂 The Dream Composition is a songwriting competition created by a group of passionate and like-minded individuals from NUS King Edward VII Hall (KEVII) in 1998 to provide a channel for youths worldwide to showcase their songwriting talents. In an environment that lacks sufficient channels for songwriting, many students from various music schools, secondary schools and tertiary institutions in the region have seized the opportunity to perform their original compositions.

For the past 25 years, 心情溶剂 The Dream Composition has succeeded in providing a platform for many talented youths to tell their stories through performing their original compositions. We are proud to be the first and only songwriting competition organised by NUS and one of the largest-scaled bilingual songwriting competition in Singapore. 心情溶剂 The Dream Composition would not have come so far without the generous help of our collaborating sponsors, partners and supporters.

Moving on to its 26th year, 心情溶剂 The Dream Composition will continue to build on the resounding success achieved in the past, and expand its reach to more talents. To aspiring songwriters, this is an opportunity to be seized. Showcase your dream composition and tell your story now! Submit your entries now to be part of the next generation of composers!