Stay tuned to our Grand Finals!

GRAND FINALS of 23rd The Dream Composition is here! 

Our guest performer is none other than our 21st TDC English Category Champion and 22nd TDC Chinese Category Finalist Kyria 林佳丽 (@kyrialin), who will be performing 2 songs!

Next, introducing our 23rd The Dream Composition Finalists:

Chinese Category

  1. Han Weitong 《我好想你》
  2. Li Yifei 《蛋》
  3. Likie Low 《初衷》
  4. Winnis Lee 《雨过天晴》
  5. Xu Zhenyu 《佛着得到》

English Category

  1. Wong Yijuin 《A Cinderella Story》
  2. Reuben Sim 《Break of Dawn》
  3. Tan Lay Chun 《Feelings》
  4. Jayne Peh 《ezlink》
  5. Joy Chan 《Wasted》

Different from previous years, this year’s Grand Finals is held online and is completely free. However, the passion and talent that you will get to see at the Grand Finals never change! Mark the date and we will see you there!

If you want to know the finalists better and get a chance to vote for your favorite finalist, do keep a lookout for our IG and FB pages as well! 

心情溶剂决赛终于回来了! 今年的决赛与往年不同,您不必购买门票,也可以直接在网上观看决赛!2月6日,参赛者们的热忱与精彩的表演等候着你,我们不见不散!


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