23rd The Dream Composition 心情溶剂 Grand Finals

XQRJ-TDC Grand Finals went online for the first time in 22 years! Thank you for tuning in and joining us for a night of exhilarating performances. We hope that everyone enjoyed the Grand Finals as much as we did.


If you missed our live-stream, you can still watch it here below:

23rd The Dream Composition Grand Finals 第二十三届心情溶剂总决赛

如果您错过了总决赛现场直播,别担心,现可在我们的Facebook 或Youtube观赏!

Congratulations to all winners –

冠军(中文组):《蛋》- 李逸菲;亚军:《初衷》- 刘礼齐;季军:《我好想你》- 刘伟桐

Champion (English Category): A Cinderella Story by Wong Yijuin; 1st runner-up: ezlink by Jayne Peh; 2nd runner-up: Feelings by Tan Lay Chun

We would like to thank everyone involved in 23rd The Dream Composition. See you for 24th!


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