The Beginning of 24th The Dream Composition 第二十四届心情溶剂

Thank you everyone who have supported and loved our 23rd The Dream Composition earlier this year! Moving on to our 24th year, 心情溶剂 The Dream Composition will continue to build on the resounding success achieved in the past, and expand its reach to more talents. To aspiring songwriters, this is an opportunity to be seized. Showcase your dream composition and tell your story now! Submit your entries now to be part of the next generation of composers!

The Dream Composition will start off with our usual Call For Entry, starting 7th June 2021 (Monday) and ends on 5th September 2021, 2359! This going to be a great opportunity for all aspiring song writers so do remember to register and submit your entries! Follow us on Instagram, Facebook (@xqrj.tdc) and stay tune on this website for more details! For further enquiries, you can email us at [email protected]!

热爱音乐?喜欢创作?第二十四届心情溶剂又回来了!比赛即将开放征稿啦,千万别错过!记得在2021年9月5日2359时前提交作品。若有疑问,请发邮件到 [email protected]