End of the 24th The Dream Composition 第二十四届心情溶剂

After a year of hard work and long wait, the 24th The Dream Composition has sadly come to an end. We would like to thank all our partners and sponsors and advisors for their help in making this competition a success. To all finalists, congratulations for making it through and all the best for your future endeavours! We look forward to meeting you again in the 25th The Dream Composition! Follow us on Instagram (@xqrj.tdc) and Facebook (@tdc.xqrj) for updates! For further enquiries, you can also email us at xqrj.tdc@gmail.com!

感谢大家的支持与参与!希望在下一届的心情溶剂再见!你也可以在我们的 Instagram观赏我们第二十五届的资料!若有疑问,请发邮件到 xqrj.tdc@gmail.com。