End of 24th The Dream Composition Preliminary Round! 第二十四届心情溶剂

Thank you everyone for your active participation and patience! We have received so many amazing entries and although we loved them all, we could only select the top 5 entries for each category. We have already sent out the emails to everyone regarding the outcome of their entries! Hence, if you did not receive any emails from us, please do let us know via email at [email protected]!

If your entry wasn’t chosen as the top 5, fret not as you can still try again next year! Please do continue composing and moving towards your dream! Follow us on Instagram, Facebook (@xqrj.tdc) and stay tune 🎤🎧🎶 on this website for more details! For further enquiries, you can email us at [email protected]!

感谢大家的支持与参与!我们已经通过邮件通知各位参赛者结果了, 所以请查看你的邮件!若你没有收到任何我们的邮件,请马上发邮件告诉我们!恭喜所有入围大决赛的参赛者!我们也希望所有没被选中的参赛者不要泄气,继续为你们的梦想努力!若有疑问,请发邮件到 [email protected]